With our over 30 years of real estate experience we’ve seen all kinds of changes and challenges affect the market. What we know is that now is the time that great agents have the opportunity to outshine the competition!

To help you understand how you can capitalise, we’ve listed some challenges potentially facing agents and how you can overcome them!

1. Finding listings

With uncertain vendors you may find it more difficult to secure listings, or have vendors change their minds. When dealing with uncertainty it is paramount you exude expertise and confidence. Use this as an opportunity to do your research and provide insightful advice – this will position you as an expert and build your relationship through trust. For more information on this we have a course on success in sales here.


As interest rates rise, buyers are facing reduced buying power and may be more apprehensive when making an offer. Additionally, vendors are seeing property prices fall which can be a great source of apprehension. Managing both buyer and vendor expectations are key to success during this period.


Communicating with buyers and vendors can be quite time-consuming, especially when they’re unsure about the current market conditions. To combat this, top agents typically keep a detailed diary and use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like AgentBox to streamline processes.

Real Estate Success Tips

When you need to show your value it is essential to have a marketing strategy, reputation and service offering that stands out to your target market. Investing in your business is crucial. Advertising across digital platforms can be key to attracting new listings and buyers. We should know – MARKETING 101. 


There are a range of different clients in the market at the moment! You may be communicating with first home buyers, ageing couples looking to downsize, or even international investors. Each client will have different expectations and requirements – it is crucial to communicate effectively and understand your clients needs! To be a great agent you need to be a great listener.


Experience and success has shown us that in turbulent market conditions it is important to see the opportunity. Agents who up skill themselves to navigate a multitude of market landscapes will position themselves above the rest, time and time again. 

To help you rise to the top and let your talent shine through, we have prepared a range of short courses focused on key topics such as marketing, audience segmentation, communication and more. Check out our full range here.

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