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Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for NSW Real Estate Agents for Sales, Property Management and Commercial.

Connect Skills Institute is an ‘Approved CPD provider’ within NSW.

Online Delivery

Learn in a flexible environment at home or in the office. Online portal availiable 24/7.

Engaging and Interactive

Our CPD courses are designed to help students learn particular CPD topics efficiently and within the required hours of learning.

Face-to-face Delivery

4 hours interactive and assessments delivered face-to-face by an experienced real estate expert.
* NSW only

Class 1 & Class 2 Real Estate Agents

Fulfil your Class 1 & Class 2 CPD requirements by enrolling in our CPD courses.

Sales Agents | Property Managers | Commercial Agents

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Real Estate CPD 2023 – 2024

CPD NSW Online Interactive Webinar
(4 hours incl. assessment time)

$119.40 incl. GST per person

Works out as paying only $39.80 per topic!

We have a CPD interactive webinar session every Saturday for class 1 & 2 agents who are late to complete CPD for 2023/24 – Better to rectify it than not!


  • 4 Hours Of Compulsory CPD Online Video Training – held every Saturday 8am-12pm
  • For Real Estate Sales, Property Managers and Commercial Agents
  • Includes an online certificate on successful completion of your CPD course.
  • Urgent certificate issuance available by contacting admin.
Includes 3 Topics:
  • Importance of Supervision Guidelines
  • Privacy, proof of ID, cyber-security, fraud prevention, and data collection
  • Review of relevant changes to legislation and regulations

First step is to pay and enrol, then open your course and select your desired Zoom session (Saturdays)
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Assistant Agent (Certificate of Registration) CPD NSW

Assistant Agents / Certificate of Registration holders in NSW need to complete a minimum of three additional units of learning each CPD year. The CPD year starts 23rd of March and ends on the 22nd of March the following year. The units of learning come from the CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.

Option 1: Enrol in the full Certificate IV CPP41419 (18 units) also known as the Class 2 Real Estate Agent Course. Completing this course will fulfil all of your Assistant Agent CPD requirements.

Attention all Assistant Agents (CPP41419 Certificate IV Course)

22ND JUN SATURDAY TO 23RD JUN 2024 SUNDAY 9-5PM (55 Phillip St, Parramatta)



RPL assessment

Materials and tools to complete the course

Coffee tea and lunch provided

Parking on-site

Trainer has 30+ years of experience

Certificate on successful completion of your course. 


$1500 per person

Limited spots. Professional delivery.
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Option 2: Enrol once per year into one of the following groups which are made up of units from the Certificate IV CPP41419. There are four groups in total, one for each CPD year.

Real Estate CPD for the Australian Capital Territory

Assistant Agent, Class 2 & Class 1 CPD

Fulfil your 12 points for the ACT by enrolling into our course below:



Only $299 incl. GST per person

Course includes:

  • Category 2 CPD Session – Live Zoom Webinar with a real estate guru with over 30+ years of experience! (4 hours for 4 CPD points).
    Sessions held once per month. Join anytime!
  • Category 3 CPD – 1 unit of learning: CPPREP4101 – Appraise property for sale or lease. Self paced online learning. (8 CPD points).

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What Our Students Have To Say

Frequently Asked Questions For Real Estate CPD


What does CPD stand for in real estate?

CPD stands for continuing professional development, which is a yearly undertaking for agents in some states across Australia.

What is CPD in real estate for NSW?

NSW Fair Trading regulator requires all agents to undertake further training each year to improve the knowledge and skills of agents and to reduce the risks to consumers from poor service and advice.

Is it law?

Yes, it is law and all NSW real estate agents are required to complete CPD each CPD Year.

What happens if I don’t do my CPD?

You are then non-compliant with the laws regulating the industry relating to CPD.

What can I do if I didn’t complete last years CPD?

The regulator makes it clear not doing your CPD is a serious non-compliance so rectifying this non-compliance as soon as you find out is crucial. Do not delay! Enrol as soon as possible.

When do I need to do my CPD?

A CPD year is 23rd of March until the 22nd of March the following year.

So you have to be holding an outcome, either a statement of attainment or CPD certificate of completion, before the 23rd of each year.

How many CPD points do I need for real estate?

CPD points for real estate were phased out in 2020, with the start of the new CPD requirements of set hours for the different real estate tiers (class 1, class 2, assistant agent).

Assistant Agent NSW

Can I just do 3 units of learning each CPD year or can I do more if I want to?

Yes, you can just choose to do a minimum of three units of learning for each CPD year or you can do more.

If I finish the certificate IV CPP41419 in six months, do I need to do more CPD each year after I finish the course?

No – you have completed the requirement for the term of your certificate of registration.

Can I enrol into the full Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice before I start working in real estate?

Yes, you can.

If I am approved for my Certificate of Registration closer to the end of the CPD year do I need to do three CPD units before the 22nd of March?

  1. If your approval date on your certificate of registration issued by NSW Fair Trading is dated within 90 days of the 22nd of March, then no CPD is required.
  2. If your approval date was after 22nd of June and before 23rd of December that same calendar year, one unit of learning is required to be completed from the CPP41419 qualification.
  3. If your approval was dated after the 22nd of March and before the 22nd of June of the same calendar year, you are required to do three units of learning.
  4. Each CPD year after that – A minimum of three units of learning must be completed.

At the end of my fourth year certificate expiry date, what happens if I haven’t applied for the class 2 agent licence?

You are required to stop working as an agent. In 12 months’ time, you will be able to apply for your certificate of registration once again and the process starts all over with your current qualification.

What are the benefits of enrolling into the full qualification CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice compared to paying a smaller fee and enrolling into the five subject course you call assistant agent course?

Great question and one we get asked a lot.

  1. You have all you need to enter the industry.
  2. All your CPD requirements completed in one course.
  3. You can apply for the full class 2 real estate agent license after a minimum of one year as an assistant agent.
  4. All your education records are conveniently in one place.
  5. You can log in at any time and continue your studies, especially on rainy days.
  6. You will pay less for the course than doing 3 subjects at a time
  7. Saves panic and stress from forgetting to do your CPD and saves the hassle of looking at websites, reviewing CPD rules, subjects, prices, procrastination and forgetting due to being so busy every year. It happens so often, and it is unfair.
  8. You become professional and good habits form

The information contained on this webpage reflects Connect Skills Institute’s best understanding of information acquired from NSW Fair Trading’s website and Access Canberra and all associated legislation at the date of this webpages last updated publication (28/09/23).

For more information:

NSW Fair Tradings real estate CPD webpage

Access Canberra CPD webpage