Want to become a licensed real estate agent?

1. Flexibility and Freedom:

Create your own schedule, manage your workload, and be your own boss!

2. Unlimited Earning Potential:

The more properties you sell or manage, the more you can earn.

3. Build Relationships:

Develop strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals, creating a supportive network that can fuel your success!

4. Achieve Dreams:

Assist clients in buying their dream home, selling their existing property, or finding the perfect investment opportunity.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Each state and territory in Australia has its own real estate licensing authority that sets the requirements.

Real Estate License Requirements by State and Territory


New South Wales

Was $1875

ONLY $1125


Was $1875

ONLY $1125


Cert IV incl. Diploma unit

Was $1600

ONLY $960

Western Australia

Was $1875

ONLY $1125

South Australia

Was $4155

ONLY $2493

Pay only $1499 upfront, remainder paid on completion.

Australian Capital Territory

Was $1875

ONLY $1125


Was $1875

ONLY $1125

Northern Territory

Was $1875

ONLY $1125


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Why Choose Connect Skills Institute for Your Real Estate License?

We have helped thousands of our students successfully apply to the various Government regulators around Australia to become licensed real estate agents, property managers and auctioneers.

All of our courses are specifically designed to meet the Regulators educational requirements to become a licensed real estate agent. 

Our team comprises qualified and experienced real estate agents who share their industry insights and practical knowledge with students.

We offer a blended learning approach that allows you to study online at your own pace, with dedicated support available when needed.

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How to get your real estate license

  1. Complete a Registered Course: Each state and territory in Australia has specific course requirements. You’ll need to complete a nationally recognised course, like the Certificate IV in Real Estate (CPP41419), offered by a registered training organisation (RTO).

  2. Meet Any Experience Requirements: In most states, you’ll need to gain a minimum of 12 months of full-time experience working under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent.

  3. Applying for Your License: Once you’ve completed your course and gained the required experience, you can apply for your real estate license with the relevant authority in your state or territory. The application process will involve submitting documents like your course completion certificate, proof of experience, and a character reference. There may also be associated fees. Our team can help assist you with this process.

How long does it take to get a real estate license?

The total time to get your real estate license can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Course Duration: The length of your real estate course can vary depending on the provider and delivery mode (full-time, part-time, online). With Connect Skills Institute we have reduced the number of assessments, so most student can finish within 3 months or less.
  • Experience Requirement: Building 12 months of full-time experience can take some time, depending on your ability to find a suitable position.

So, factoring in course completion and experience, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months or less to get your real estate license.

What is a Real Estate License?

It’s a government-issued credential that proves you have the necessary education, knowledge and character to operate as a real estate agent or salesperson.

Should I get my real estate license?

Real estate is an exciting and dynamic field, where you can help people achieve their dream of buying or selling a home.

If you just want to learn about real estate, you can complete a course with us without applying to the regulator for a license.

However if you do want to work within the real estate industry you will need to get your license first.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you get started on your real estate career journey! 

Speak to our team at a time that suits you.