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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook discloses and explains what your rights and responsibilities are as a student.

It’s also a useful resource to find the latest information on approved courses, as well as extensive details about course content, assessment, payments, refunds, fees & RPL.

All students must read the Student Handbook Summary Page prior to enrolling into a course with us.

Below is a brief overview of the information contained in our student handbook to give you an idea of whats inside! All students must be aware of this information prior to commencing a course.

  • About Connect Skills Institute
    Brief information about us, our training facilities and transport options.
  • Student Admissions
    How to enrol, how to complete your Language Literacy and Numeracy test and an explanation of our RPL & credit transfer process.
  • Course Information
    What courses we have available, how they are packaged, with an explanation of what codes and units are.
  • Modes of Delivery
    How we deliver our courses.
  • Student Information
    What a USI is, resources you need to complete a course with us, support services which may be provided to you.
  • Assessment and Study Requirements
    How assessment and re-assessment is conducted.
  • Access to Academic Progress
    How we monitor course progression, how students submit assessments and integrity of assessments (ie. no cheating or plagiarism allowed)
  • Feedback & Surveys
    We value students feedback on Google, Facebook & Product Review, brief explanation of AQTF survey and potential department of education contact.
  • RTO Regulatory Obligations
    Our obligations as an Registered Training Organisation.
  • Student Administration
    Information on student files, withdrawals, completions, certificates and potential career pathways.
  • Complaints & Appeals
    How to submit a complaint and the complaints & appeals process.
  • Fees and Charges
    Overview of different ways of payment (pay in full, payment plan), concession fees, outstanding fees, our refund policy and other fees that may apply to students.
  • General Information
    Information on: Access and equity, reasonable adjustment, occupational health and safety, student support for RTO closure, privacy/security of information, harassment and discrimination.