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What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning is an acknowledgement of your current skills and knowledge that you have obtained through formal training and work experience against each unit in a qualification. 

An RPL assessment can be used to qualify for partial or full recognition in a qualification.

If you consider you are already competent in specific units of competency from your chosen course, you may be eligible to be granted an exemption if:

  • Your prior learning and experience is relevant to this course
  • You can supply proof of subject-relevant formal training (Conducted by industry or educational institutions in Australia), or work experience.
  • Can provide authenticated documents or samples of work demonstrating relevance.
What types of evidence can I submit?

Please see our RPL Evidence Guide by clicking here.

What is the RPL process?

The 4 easy steps to claiming Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Step 1 – When a student decides to apply for RPL, it will require them to schedule an RPL interview with our head trainer and assessor via phone or in-person after the payment of $499 has been made.

Step 2 – Student will now begin to complete required documents and collect their evidence to support their RPL claim.

Step 3 – Upload all documents to the RPL claim form via the student portal.

Step 4 – Submit your RPL claim for assessment and our team will begin reviewing and processing your outcome.

The granting of RPL may shorten the course duration. Successful applicants will be notified and will complete any remaining units to finish their course.

What is the cost of RPL?

The cost to conduct RPL will depend upon which qualification(s) you wish to obtain. Our RPL fee is $499 which is added onto the course fee. We offer reduced pricing for more than one qualification.

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