Welcome to the CPD Real Estate Agents Requirements Guide for 2023!

Each state and territory has its own requirements:

New South Wales – Yearly CPD required for Assistant Agents, Class 1 and Class 2 Agents. Continue reading below for more detailed information.

Victoria – No yearly CPD is required for Agent’s Representatives or Estate Agents.

Queensland – No yearly CPD is required for Salespersons or fully licensed Agents.

Western Australia – Real Estate Agents must obtain 10 points per each calendar year.

South Australia – No yearly CPD is required.

ACT: As per the Agents (Continuing Professional Development) Guideline 2022 (No 2) –  Agents are to complete 12 points of CPD in the 12-month period prior to the renewal of their licence each year and maintain a log and other records of CPD training.

Northern Territory – No yearly CPD is required.

Tasmania: Real Estate Agents must complete 12 points of CPD training. 8 points must be from the industry. 4 points from an external provider. See more information here: http://www.propertyagentsboard.com.au/continuing-professional-development-cpd-2022.html

NSW CPD Requirements for Real Estate Agents

As you may be aware already, there are topics that Fair Trading requires all agents to learn each year, topics that may be affecting our industry, careers or businesses.

NSW Fair Trading takes CPD training very seriously. So, the word continuing is really important, as an agent, one of the rules of conduct for agents, the very first one is knowledge of the law.
Real estate agent ready to do her CPD

So what are the CPD requirements for real estate agents in 2023?

Assistant Agents must complete at least 3 units from the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. Class two agents must do six hours of learning which includes three hours of compulsory topics and three hours of electives. Class one agents, on the other hand, will need to do the same as the class two agents plus additional business skills for three hours, bringing the total learning hours required to nine hours.

For class one agents and class two agents both have three compulsory topics: cybersecurity and fraudulent activity, industry contracts, and privacy.

Both class one and class two also have the same elective topics chosen by Connect Skills Institute and they are work health and safety, one and a half hours, and presentation skills, also one and a half hours.

For the class one agent, business skills topic this year is The Platform- which covers personal development: values, personal brand and time management for managing aspects of business emails, calls and social media.

To learn about the Assistant Agent Requirements find out more information on our real estate CPD page here.

Class 2 Agent Requirements are 3 hours of compulsory topics and 3 hours of elective topics (6 hours total).

Compulsory Topics

  • Topic 1C – Cyber Security & Fraudulent Activity (1 hour)
  • Topic 1D – Industry Contracts (1 hour)
  • Topic 1E – Privacy (1 hour)

Elective topics

  • Work Health & Safety (1.5 Hours)
  • Presentation Skills (1.5 Hours)

Class 1 Agent Requirements are 3 hours of compulsory topics, 3 hours of elective topics and 3 hours of business skills (6 hours total).

Compulsory Topics

Topic 1C – Cyber Security & Fraudulent Activity (1 hour)

Topic 1D – Industry Contracts (1 hour)

Topic 1E – Privacy (1 hour)

Elective topics

Work Health & Safety (1.5 Hours)

Presentation Skills (1.5 Hours)

Business skills topics

The Platform (3 Hours)

When does this CPD for real estate need to be completed?

This real estate CPD year runs from the 23rd of March 2022 to the 22nd of March 2023.

So agents must complete this CPD learning before the 23rd of March 2023, or they risk penalties and/or fines.

Our deadline here at Connect Skills Institute for students to submit their work is the 17th of March 2023, if they want to secure their certificate before the deadline.

Also important to remember is that all agents are required to keep CPD records for at least a minimum of three years from completion.

2023 Compulsory Topics: In More Detail

Topic 1C – Cyber Security & Fraudulent Activity (1 hour)

As we’ve seen, the marketplace over the last number of years has been very, very active, and lots of business there. But in saying that, there’s also a darker side and one of the topics, cybersecurity, is a darker side that agents can experience.

We know that there are elements of society that are there to disrupt, attack, hurt and harm for financial gain.  There is a great potential to impact on a business, and there is the responsibility of agents and how they react.

Topic 1D – Industry Contracts (1 hour)

This topic provides an overview of the license holders’ obligation to be able to read, interpret, and complete contracts specific to their industry and line of work.

Topic 1E – Privacy (1 hour)

Privacy is learning about the confidentiality of information and keeping clients’ information separate from other clients. We also will be looking at the privacy principles etc.

Property agent with tenants

Final Thoughts

I know CPD real estate can seem overly complicated, but we are here to help you make sense of it!
Fair Trading does request copies of CPD records.
One of the benefits of doing your CPD with an online provider is that it is very easy to access and download copies of your CPD records.
I had a student recently who was able to reply to Fair Trading very quickly.
Want to get started and secure your CPD for 2023?
Click here to enrol on your CPD course and find out more about how we deliver our online CPD.
There is also a lot of frequently asked questions around CPD that we have answered on that CPD course page, so make sure to have a quick look. It can save you a tonne of time, rather than searching the regulator’s website!
If you have any questions, please send them through, we do welcome them.
Give us a call- chat with me or one of our highly skilled team and they can answer any question that you’ve got.

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