How many square metres in an acre? - Australia Calculator

How many square metres in an acre?

In Australia, 1 acre is equal to 4,046.8564224 m2, which is based upon an agreement made on October 1958 by Australia to follow the international yard and pound agreement. The acre referred to in Australia is also known as the international acre.

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What is a quarter acre?

A quarter-acre, is a term commonly used in Australia and New Zealand which refers to suburban residential land.

The traditional cultural aspiration for Australians has been to own a three- or four-bedroom house or bungalow situated on a plot a quarter of an acre in size.

This aspiration is often referred to as the Australian Dream.

However, trends in recent years have seen a shift away from the Australian dream and the aspiration to own a quarter-acre. Residential planning has evolved into subdivisions, apartments, and townhouses. Modern subdivisions average half or less of the traditional quarter-acre size.

How many square metres is a quarter acre?

To find out what a 1/4 acre block is in square metres with only need to multiply 0.25 by 4,046.8564224 acres which equals 1,011.7141056 sq. m.
Usually, in Australia, a quarter acre refers to a suburban plot of land, which was once the standard that Australians aspired to own when buying their homes.
Today the term quarter acre is thrown around a lot, but may not mean what traditionally quarter acre once meant in terms of sq. metres.
How does this calculator work?
The amount of acres is multiplied by 4,046.8564224 square meters.