Rental Yield Calculator - Australia

Use our free rental yield calculator below to get an idea of the potential income a property could return.

It measures the difference between the rental income and the outgoings or expenses for the property.
Simply enter in the $ property value and the weekly or monthly rental amount. Then enter in any expenses and as an option, allow for a weekly percentage of the rent to go back to the property manager/agency.
Find out how this calculator works down below!

How do you calculate gross rental yield?

You take the sum of the annual rent you collect from the property.

Then divide the annual rent by the value of the property.

Multiply your result by 100 to convert it into a percentage.

The gross yield does not take into account the property fees or expenses. To do that you will need to work out the net rental yield.

How do you calculate net rental yield?

It’s much the same as calculating the gross rental yield but this time you will subtract a total of all the expenses from the annual rent collected from the property.

Expenses could be insurance, property management fees, council rates, strata or maintenance fees.

What is a good rental yield in Australia?

Typically the average rental yield for a home in Australia is 3.45% as of December 2021.

The average rental yield for a unit is a little higher at 3.96%.

We hope you found this calculator useful for convenience and learning.
This Rental Yield Calculator is to be used as an approximate estimate only.
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