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  • There are different property management courses for each state and territory across Australia.
  • After completion of a property management course in Australia, students will usually need to apply with their certificate to the state or territory government regulator.
  • Our property management courses are delivered online with 24/7 access and are designed to help students achieve their outcomes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions For Property Management Courses

How to become a property manager?

Put simply, to become a property manager, you will need to complete a course and then apply to your government regulator for the state or territory you will be working in.

Our head trainer/assessor, who has had 30+ years of industry experience in real estate and property management, has written up a great blog post ‘How to become a property manager’.

It details what a newcomer to the real estate industry should know and what type of person is best suited to becoming a property manager and starting your career in property management.

What is the average salary for a property manager?

For a residential property manager, salaries can range anywhere from $45,000 – $92,000 across Australia.

For a commercial property manager, salaries can range anywhere from $39,000 – $133,000 across Australia.

Source: Hays Salary Guide 2022/23

What course is best for property management?

The course you need to complete depends entirely on where you are located in Australia or where you are planning to work. Make sure the course you do undertake is a nationally recognised qualification delivered by a registered training organisation with the government and contains the correct subjects/units of learning.

The best courses for beginners or newcomers to property management are listed below this FAQ section for NSW, VIC and QLD. To find course information about the other states and territories, please see the blog linked in the previous question.

How to get a property management certificate?

At the completion of the required training, you will receive a certificate or statement of attainment for the units you have successfully achieved, usually in a digital pdf format. You will then provide this certificate to the regulator to be approved.

What is the study of property management?

You will learn the basics to get started: industry terms, industry bodies, roles, legislation and regulations, and trust accounts. You will also learn the basics of real estate sales, as property management and sales are not separate for the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice or Diploma in Property.

What does a property manager do?

A property manager manages rental properties on behalf of the owner of the property.

Real Estate Industry Outlook


Agent’s Representative VIC

We recommend starting with the Agent’s Representative Certificate Course (18 units from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice). This course will teach you the basics and allow you to start work in Victoria as an Agent’s Representative who can perform sales and property management functions.

You will learn:

  • basics of real estate (terms, job roles, ethics, licensing requirements)
  • how to establish landlord & tenant relationships in property management
  • ending a tenancy and handling trust account money

At course completion, you will receive your certificate for property management. There is no need to apply to the regulator, Consumer Affairs Victoria. Just make sure your employer registers you as an Agent’s Representative when you start your employment.

In New South Wales if you want to start work as a property manager you must complete the first five units of the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice which is called a certificate of registration course or assistant agent course.

You will learn:

  • basics of real estate (terms, job roles, ethics, licensing requirements)
  • marketing in real estate, legislation and regulations
  • trust account basics (real estate agency collecting money on behalf of clients)

Once you have successfully completed this course you will apply to NSW Fair Trading to obtain your certificate of registration to start work as an assistant agent/property manager in a real estate agency. Once you start work you are required to complete the remaining units from the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice, and then at some point upgrade to a full real estate license, also known as a Class 2 Agent in NSW.

Real Estate Salesperson Course QLD – Registration Certificate
Real Estate Agent Licence Course QLD

In Queensland, you have two different options starting out. One is to do the Real Estate Salesperson Course (12 subjects, which doesn’t cover just sales but also includes property management!) or complete the full Real Estate Licence Course (19 subjects) if you want to eventually work for yourself. Otherwise, if you are just starting out or want to become a property manager in Queensland then the Real Estate Salesperson/Registration Certificate Course is more than suitable.

You will learn:

  • basics of real estate (professional practice, ethics, marketing and communication)
  • how to establish landlord relationships as a property manager
  • manage a tenancy in property management

Once you have successfully completed your course, you will apply to QLD Fair Trading to start work as a property manager.

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